Open Mind Forum: What about the LGBT Parades?
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2018. 02. 14.

Open Mind Forum: What about the LGBT Parades?

place: Kelet Café
date: 02.14. 19h

In the context of the LGBT History Month in Hungary on February 14th we will debate together about different topics connected to LGBT Pride Parades. Short presentations will also be hold, one of these is about the history and development of Dutch Gay Pride Parades from the end of the 70-ties till now.

Some questions we would like to talk about: Why do we attend the Parades? Which goals have been achieved, or not, and how do we want to continue, in which direction? Do we still need the Parades at all? And if we think we do, would large companies and commercial organizations be allowed to sponsor and actively participate in the Parades? Even if they thereby get a platform to promote their products and services like, for example, at the Amsterdam Canal Parade?

This same evening, following the debate, we gonna drink together on the finissage of the photo exhibition `Colorful Sportlife` (organized by Atlasz Sports Club) introducing worldwide known athletes who came already out. This exhibition will run from February the 3rd till 17th in Kelet Kávézó és Galéria. The finissage starts at 20.30. 
Colorful Sportlife - Színes Sportélet

Hungarian or non-Hungarian, feel free to come and share your ideas and opinions with us! Let us know by facebook if you will join the debate. Free entry.

And, do you want to share your personal history with the Parades in your country this evening? Would you like to hold a short presentation? Let us know by e-mail to Tom:

Moderators: Maarten Wansdronk & Tom de Smet

Facebook: Open Minds Budapest

LGBT History Month / LMBT Törteneti Hónap: 

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