Open Mind Forum: Veganism, Facts & Fiction
Központi program

2020. 02. 18.

Open Mind Forum: Veganism, Facts & Fiction

Suppose you decide to become a vegan, what obstacles do you encounter? In this Open Mind Forum program we will discuss facts, beliefs and myths about veganism. Our guest speaker Flóra Mária Vásárhelyi-Nagy has become an expert in veganism and the myths surrounding the lifestyle. Together with the participation of the audience she will shed light on the sometimes confusing and complicated world of the plant-based dietary life.
Everyone is welcome! Let us know here on facebook if you will attend.

Moderators: Jakob Faber & Tom de Smet

Vegán /Növényi Alapú Egészség (made in Budapest)
In Hungarian, administrator: Flóra Mária

Vegan Foodiez (made in Budapest)
In English, administrator: Alena Ivanova

Contact: Tom de Smet

Open Mind Forum: English spoken evenings with discussions and debatings at Kelet Café in Budapest. This year the series is about different aspects of food under the title: Let`s talk about food, baby!

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