Let's talk about food, baby!
Központi program

2019. 12. 10.

Let's talk about food, baby!

Do we live to eat, or do we eat to live?

Nothing is more important than good and healthy eating, but why does it almost seem a religion for some, and merely stomach filling for others? The number of restaurants, eateries and street food stalls is growing all over the world. Even in countries where eating did not play such a major role in social-cultural life, people now often are eating out. Seeing and being seen behind a plate of hip and trendy food, that's what it's all about.

From February till summer 2020 we organise monthly evenings in the Kelet Café on the theme of food. From different angles such as agriculture, politics, religion, identity, trends and fashion, we engage in discussion with guest speakers and the audience.

On December 10 the warm-up for this new Open Mind Forum series takes place with a presentation by Tom de Smet, chef of Kelet Café, about how wildly different food cultures can be, with the Netherlands and Hungary as examples. Together with the moderator Jakob Faber we will discuss several facets of the food theme. Everyone is welcome, let us know here on Facebook if you will attend.

The program and discussion will be in English.


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